The main body of my work consists of collages based on my own photographs, disassembled, reassembled, and partially overpainted. My work has been exhibited internationally and has found its way into countless publications over the years, in print and online. I sell original artworks as well as limited edition prints with or without custom framing.

Licensing: Fees for commercial use are based on edition size and license type. Please contact me for conditions.


E x h i b i t i o n s

  • RELEASED Black Whitsun – Monopol Leipzig Goes Black (group show). Wave Gotik Treffen 2017. June 2nd – 5th . Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig.
  • RITES OF ELEUSIS (solo exhibition). April 15th 2017. Kassberg Gewölbe Chemnitz.
  • LAST EXIT FOR THE LOST (group show). Butow Maler, Its A Gas, Jenly, Seventh Sin, Laetitia Mantis & Kata Maler. June – September 2014. ATELIER ABRAXAS. Leipzig.
  • TEUFELSWERK (solo exhibition). August – September 2012, Galerie OutOfMyMind, Bremen.
  • EleMENTAL (solo exhibition). A Retrospective. 2012. Schloss Knauthain. Leipzig.
  • IT’S A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY (group show). NSK-Staat-Kollektiv, Holger Karas, Jonathan Evans, Veronica Moto, Barbara Lamoot, Laetitia Mantis, Bettina Tita. May – July 2011. Kulturny Dom Born 31 (Ex-Ur-Eigen+Art). Leipzig.
  • TEUFELSWERK (group show). Holger Karas & Laetitia Mantis. Music: DJs SeventhSin & Nymix. March 26th 2011. Club 1880. Leipzig.
  • HALL OF FAME (group show). C.eS., Thorsten Gebhardt, Laetitia Mantis, Christian Lebrecht. Vitali Geyer. April – May 2009. Galerie theARTer. Berlin.
  • NOTES FROM A DYING CULTURE (solo exhibition). Special vernissage guest: Foresta di Ferro (line-up: Marco Wertham, John Murphy). March – April 2009. Galerie theARTer. Berlin.
  • OPEN THE GATES (group show). Jack Malebranche, Laetitia Mantis, Stephanie Crabe, Daniel & Melissa Byrd, Jason Leach et al. Host: David E. Williams. October – November 2008. Germ Gallery. Philadelphia. PA. USA.