Summer in October

While I clearly can’t hide my joy about the summerly weather this fall, the everlasting discussion about global warming goes on. Inspired by a post amongst my facebook connections, here are my five cents on the subject.

Researching the net, you will find two major opinions telling you opposite things. While one party is convinced that the collapse due to global warming is close, the other will tell you that we are facing a small ice age very soon, due to the sun becoming less active. Both opinions show valid research behind it and it becomes almost impossible for the laymon to decide who is right. In the end, it becomes a question of faith.

I am not so much of a laymon speaking about this issues as you might expect me to be as an artist. Back in the days I studied geology and palaeontology –  and everything related to the subject was of interest to me, from ocean science to meterology or even biology. You can not talk about meterology and the climate without talking about geology. Geology is a science based on the principle of uniformity. In other words, we observe a process and expect this process to follow its own rules every time when it happens. Meaning if we find marine formations from the past in a desert, we must conclude that there once was an ocean.

The historical geology of the earth clearly shows that the climate has never been stable on this planet. The mediterranean sea for instance was once dry. We find a lot of rocks from Scandinavia in Northern Germany, that have been transported by ice streams that once covered the areas. And the climate of Arctica was much warmer in the past without any coverage of ice. Those are only a few examples.

Now measured on a geological scale, the human “guest performance” on this planet is just a blink of the eye in the whole history of earth. Nevertheless, humans seem to have a great impact on this planet. Who doesn’t know the sketch of two planets meeting, one complaining about health issues, “I’ve got humans”, and the other comfortingly saying, “no worries, it will pass”. Humans are responsible for the demise of many species, pollution, the destruction of nature in general. While a species survives and evolves in developing new features and skills that allow a better adjustment then the previous design, humans try it other way round. They want to adjust nature instead of adjusting to it.

In my opinion, it is not important to know if global warming is a hoax theory or not. Same goes for the ice age theory. What we need to understand is the fact, that we are part of a dynamic system that we can not control. Geoengineering attempts that though, but is nothing more than a game with uncertain outcome.

After the volcanic eruption of Pinatubo in 1991, earth was facing what we call a volcanic winter. Due to the ashes and droplets of sulphuric acid that were blown out during the eruption and resulted in increasing the reflection of solar radiation, a reduction of global tempertures was caused. The Pinatubo is not a so-called supervolcano, although it resides quite high on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. But speaking about volcanoes, nature has some far more powerful weapons in stock. Looking at the Deccan Traps of West central India, we can get an idea about that.

Apart from my favourite geological subject, the gates to hell, nature has a whole arsenal of other possible scenarios in stock. Earthquakes, floods and pandemics, to just name a few. Now, why am I writing these things? Do I want to scare you, am I am scared? I am not and you shouldn’t be, too. Fear is not a healthy thing to cultivate. That is one more reason to get rid of your television actually, as fear is cultivated perfectly through the little box so many like to stare into.

But awareness of the fact, that the life in your current body, the life you know, is not endless is something to think about. Death is certain may sound scary to some, too, but actually the realisation of this fact is the one thing that gives worth to your life. If we would not die some day, what goals would be there to reach? Life would be worth nothing.

As my life in this body is limited, I long for quick changes. I want to see all this weapons nature has to offer in action. I applaude every catastrophe. Of course, with a tear in one eye, too. I am neither a rock nor a psychopath. But I do want mankind to finally develop and adapt to nature, not the other way round. Watching the stinking slow death of civilisation makes me sick. The masses who consume without thinking, who destroy our life basis out of pure greed, I have no sympathy for them. I know that a thunderstorm that would clear the air might cost the lifes of loved ones, too. Maybe even my own life. But if we die out, we earn it. Maybe not every single person, but as a human mass, we clearly do.

What is left to do? Enjoy your life. Question things. If we can not evolve as a species in this moment of time, evolve as a person. Be kind to yourself and to those who earn your kindness. Realise your potential. Don’t follow social expections. Be someone, who can welcome death one day, because you did it all. Don’t waste your time dreaming about what your life could be. Feast, fukk – and always fight for your freedom!

And don’t forget to enjoy the October sun.