The wheat and the chaff

I have mentioned it in private conversations before, but it’s also worth a note. Bad times are bad times. BUT, if you try to see the good things, the parts that push you into development (your only way should be ever forward!), there is always something to learn and to appreciate. It’s sad but true that we do learn a lot through painful experiences.

I have been in bad situations before in my life, nevertheless you never get used to “loosing ‘friends'”. Yes, double quotation mark here. Because the ones you loose, have never been there in the first place. They liked you for what you do or own, but not for what you ARE.

That being said, the last weeks & months have been quite interesting. The wheat and the chaff are separating. I could shed a tear, but I prefer to move on and take just the ones with me who are worth it. I was going through the same experience when I closed Atelier Abraxas in Leipzig a few years back. Suddenly I found myself with less “friends”. But apart from the initially painful experience, it’s a cleaning process, a process of stratification and knowledge.

If you are going through a hard time and a lot of changes, see the loss of humans around you as a chance for a brighter future. Do not hang on, don’t be desperate. Don’t try to fix things that can’t be fixed. Embrace the process of cleaning. Find out who your real friends are. And find potential real friends, humans, you maybe don’t know for a long time but who are willing to surprise you and to jump into the river with you.

I am hard to push to talk about love. But some few of you humans, I do love you, while I can only offer my disgust to the mainstream masses.  But you, you are keeping me from being a complete misanthrope, living as an hermit, throwing dirt at those who pass by. There might be times when I appear cold, but you are the ones worth keeping up the flag in a world full of shit. This is a homage to you. I do love you.