The frozen heart ritual

Something I created last year, somewhen in August I think, but that got lost in my file archive. The “bird’s nest” was build by myself as a prop for the shooting, it had  a diameter of around 40cm. Accidentally I baptized the structure with blood, because I did cut my left hand while making it. Had to do the shooting in the early morning hours, around 4 am, so no one would see the fire in the neighbourhood. Due to the hot days everyone around was scared of wild fires, but fire being my major holy element, I know how to handle it. The local butchery was quite puzzled about my request of a complete heart (it’s pig, as visually closest to a human heart), usually these are cut into half and frozen like that before being sold. But I was granted an exception and got a fresh one without the cut. Did you ever ask your neighbour if you can use their freezer to freeze a heart? Lacking a freezer myself, I did. The heart was used later to feed a few local crows who enjoyed the meal a lot and who carried out the last part of the ritual that way.

And the wheel turns…

A belated happy Equinox to everyone who is still reading this journal! The light and the colors of fall are amongst us to dress up the Northern hemisphere in lovely tones. We are approaching a more quiet time of the year, making room for some insight.

Honestly, I forgot for quite a while that this virtual diary existed. As the wheel turns  once more and the days are getting shorter quickly, I promise to remember it more often. My initial thought was not only to write about my work or publish exhibition announcements, but also share some real life experiences. That is why I actually called it “virtual diary” to begin with. But so far I have not really lived up to that idea. But I will soon, so stay tuned.

Summer Solstice

My favourite celebration date of the year is here: summer solstice. At least in the Northern hemisphere, of course, some of you celebrate the opposite tonight. But wherever you are, if you celebrate, may your fires burn bright, may your rituals be strong! Acta non verba!

(images: summer solstice ritual and stay in the mountains 2017, within a closed society, somewhere in Austria)

Beltane | Walpurgis

Altar installation

Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, or just a day off work tomorrow (not for me though, the preparations for the exhibition are keeping me busy), whatever you celebrate under the full moon tonight, enjoy it!

For me personally, the best time of the year starts now, spring has fully arrived and summer awaits, the next winter seems far away. For me it is a time of planning new journeys and sketching new work pieces. I will also follow some personal tradition of spring cleaning today (and probably tomorrow in the atelier as well). The hibernation is finally over. That is, what I celebrate.