And the wheel turns…

A belated happy Equinox to everyone who is still reading this journal! The light and the colors of fall are amongst us to dress up the Northern hemisphere in lovely tones. We are approaching a more quiet time of the year, making room for some insight.

Honestly, I forgot for quite a while that this virtual diary existed. As the wheel turns  once more and the days are getting shorter quickly, I promise to remember it more often. My initial thought was not only to write about my work or publish exhibition announcements, but also share some real life experiences. That is why I actually called it “virtual diary” to begin with. But so far I have not really lived up to that idea. But I will soon, so stay tuned.

Some bridges need burning

Laetitia Mantis (February 2018)

Dear friends, silent watchers, stalkers and foes!

Sometimes there comes a point in life, when you feel the need to burn a bridge. And here I am, putting back the matches into my pocket, turning around for a last time to watch the fire.

Yes, I have taken offline the old Laetitia Mantis | Atelier Abraxas | Okkulteur Archive. I hope it entertained you well for the time being. I will go on to use this “virtual diary” though, so stay tuned for the things to come. Please note, this is not my official homepage, if you came here to get an overview of my visual works & skills, please visit the link above from the navigation menu or simply click on the image to the left (or above, if you use a smaller device to view this page).