Welcome to my official homepage. Right now, this page is under construction, as I currently reside “between spaces”. As soon as I return from this strangest of voyages and the studio is settled in again with a proper internet connection, this page will see some updates. Or I will get carried away in an artistic work frenzy and forget that the internet exists, you never know…

Laetitia Mantis, 2018

My works include collages & paintings, installation art & ritual, sculpture & craftwork, photography, digital art & design, handpainted clothing and media design concepts, most being of a rather dark occult nature, exceptions granted. Since 2002 my works have been published online as well as in print and have been exhibited internationally. I have never been a friend of flowery artist statements, my work should speak for itself. Lets say, if you can’t see the “flag” I am holding up, it is not meant for you to be seen and no words of mine could ever change that.

Currently I am working on the concept for a larger ritual installation, time and space will be revealed betimes. There are some other projects in the making, but at this point of the story I don’t want to reveal too much. I also occassionally dabble in the art of tattooing, but that being said, my education in this matter is far from being finished.

I do work in commission as well, from customized art & craftwork to anything related to allround photography, media-, graphic- and webdesign. My existing works are also available for licensing. Please see my mailing address below for any requests. Please refrain to ask me to use my work for free for your project, praise and credit I can’t eat, neither do they buy art supplies for new creations.

The forest is my cathedral…

Since 2009 I also hosted and co-hosted a variety of events, mainly exhibitions and small concerts up to 150 guests. From 2013 – 2015 I ran the legendary Atelier Abraxas in Leipzig, a mixed concept of art studio, music venue and gallery space. My events are known for a special atmosphere and connect various genres of artistic expression. Currently I take a holiday from the event management, but some ideas never really stop cooking. If time and space allow, I might return to those ideas some day.

Occassionally I offer courses in photography and post-processing (in English or German), if you are interested in these, please contact me. Those courses never include larger groups, so they are rarely officially announced, as I prefer a personal work atmosphere of 1 to 3 people to enhance the learning experience. There is also the option to combine such courses with a travel to places of cultural importance, my speciality being the area of Sintra in Portugal, that I have visited many times, privately as well as a travel guide.

While my page is under construction, please visit the Ateliershop that displays (and sells of course) a variety of my works. You can also find me on Instagram or on Facebook, with a page and a profile. Apart from that, any news and updates can be found in my virtual diary on wordpress, as well as some personal notes and stories. Or read my latest interview for QUANTHEON Touring if you are curious about my universe. My work will be on tour again with Quantheon, starting 24th of November in Prag, covering seven European countries. This time, I can’t join the tour in person, but if you’re interested in my work, make sure to check the Quantheon homepage for dates.

You can contact me via the email address atelier(.)abraxas(at)gmail(.)com. Any serious request concerning my work, photography & design commissions, licensing, customized art or exhibitions will be answered. I am also interested in creative collaborations, if you bring something dark to the table, far beyond the mainstream. Checking my messages I sometimes get the feeling there is a loony bin somewhere on this planet with my name scratched into the wall, that being said, I will not reply to any requests concerning “magic problems” anymore, unless you are willing to offer something in return while stealing my precious time.

Laetitia Mantis, November 2018.

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