Welcome to the fragments of another digital reflection of my personal universe. I am an artist, photographer, and designer amongst many other things. Since 2005 I have worked full time as a creative freelancer and artist.

While part of me is a digital nomad originating from Hamburg, the current physical manifestation of my studio is located in the woods of Thuringia, one driving hour Southwest of Leipzig. Studio visits are possible by appointment only.

I do work commission work. This page is meant to give you a quick overview of my work. If you wish to see more (much more actually), please visit my site Laetitia Mantis | ATELIER ABRAXAS Archiv as well.

My prefered contact channel is email. Please direct any questions to: atelier.abraxas[at]gmail.com.

Enjoy your stay on these pages.
Laetitia Mantis, July 2016