Submission. Collage / Painting.
Submission. Collage / Painting.

I am a self-taught artist, photographer and designer. Since 2005 I have worked full time as a creative freelancer and artist. My works have been exhibited internationally since 2008 and found their way into countless publications, print and online. My freestyle works incorporate collages, paintings, sculptures, installations and photographies.

Apart from offering many of my works for sale, I do work commission work, specially in the wide field of media design, but I am also open to other creative suggestions & collaborations.

From business cards to flyer and magazine pages, food labels, homepage designs, up to complete visual concepts for books, music releases and the likes, I have a wide portfolio of visual skills to offer.

I offer licensing of my existing works for your project or product, as well as completely new visual concepts just created for your needs. Prices will always be calculated individually, there is no standard answer to that. Some projects just require time, others also working material. We will discuss your project in detail to find answers. International clients are very welcome, but must offer an anticipated payment before I finally start a customized work. This is never to be meant personal, my past experience simply makes this rule necessary.

My art studio moved a few times since the days of the original Atelier Abraxas in Leipzig. It is now located in Brandenburg, at the countryside South of Berlin. If a creative project requires my presence elsewhere, I am of course also willing to travel. Please schedule such project with me some time in advance, I may not be available at any time.

Also make sure to visit my ATELIERSHOP on etsy, it is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Many items can be customized to your needs, always feel free to ask, via email or the “custom order” button within the shop.

Feel welcome to direct any enquiries to: atelier.abraxas[at]gmail.com.

Laetitia Mantis