Towards the sun II

Last week I posted some spring snapshots from my workshop, preparing for the festivals of the warmer season. Here are a few more to give you a bit of s sneak peek of what to expect from the π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜ exhibition & installation. I will also present my work at π•Έπ–Žπ–™π–™π–˜π–”π–’π–’π–Šπ–—π–“π–†π–Šπ–ˆπ–π–™π–Š π•­π–†π–Šπ–—π–Šπ–“π–˜π–™π–Šπ–Žπ–“ & π•Ύπ–ˆπ–π–œπ–†π–—π–Ÿπ–’π–Šπ–™π–†π–‘π–‘ π–šπ–Šπ–‡π–Šπ–—β€™π–’ π•Έπ–Žπ–—π–Žπ––π–šπ–Žπ–‰π–Ž later in summer, it will be a pleasure to return to the lovely Ore Mountains twice this year. And don’t get fooled by the pictures – of course you can also find my usual framed & unframed art prints and photographs at all events, it’s not only going to be horns ‘n’ bones… But all the prints have been packed already, I assure you there are plenty. π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜ is always like a smaller version of moving to another place – its not just a drive, its a transport. This year I will try to document that part a bit to entertain you later.

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The third edition of KultHaus

π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜III is getting closer! And while I am in the final stages of preparing for the show, below some impression from the previous installations, π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜ and π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜II (2018 & 2019). This years edition will look different of course, because the wheel has turned a few times since the last ceremony took place.

π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜ is part of the heathen village (“Heidnisches Dorf”) and located inside Torhaus DΓΆlitz, directly at the entrance of the village.

You can enter the village with a day pass (available at the entry) or your wristband for the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. The exhibition will be open from Friday to Monday, 11am – midnight. During rituals and lectures it will be closed, please check the program in advance if your time is limited – or bring some time to attend one of those lectures/talks/rituals. On Monday the exhibition will be open all day. Most of the exhibits can be purchased and there will be some special WGT offers as well.

π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜III – exhibition & installation – May 25th – 29th 2023 – Torhaus DΓΆlitz, Leipzig

Sunwheel – antlers & jade

And the sun worship continues… This 35 x 40 cm (13,78 x 15,75 inch) sunwheel made of antlers has a large marble of jade in the center, a gemstone that has been highly valued in many cultures for centuries. It is known for its distinct green color, although it can also occur in other colors. Jade is a general term that includes two different silicate mineral species: jadeite and nephrite. It is used for jewelry and ornamental works and in various esoteric belief systems, jade is associated with a range of properties and meanings.

This sunwheel will be displayed in my upcoming exhibition KultHaus and will also be offered for purchase.

Healing and Health: Jade is believed to have healing properties and is associated with promoting balance and harmony in the body. It is thought to support the organs, especially the heart, kidneys, and liver. Some people use jade in alternative therapies such as crystal healing and Reiki.

The term “jade” originated from the Spanish phrase “piedra de ijada,” “stone of the side” or “loin stone.” Because the Spanish explorers and conquistadors who encountered jade in Central and South America during the 16th century believed that the stone had medicinal properties and could cure ailments related to the kidneys and loins. Over time, the term “piedra de ijada” was shortened to “ijada” and eventually became “jade” in English.

Protection: Jade is considered a protective stone, guarding against negative energies and promoting a sense of security. It is believed to ward off harm and bring good luck and prosperity.

Emotional Well-being: Jade is associated with emotional balance and stability. It is believed to help calm the mind, release negative thoughts, and promote inner peace. It is also thought to encourage self-reflection, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

Luck and Prosperity: Jade has long been considered a symbol of good luck, abundance, and prosperity in many cultures. It is often used in feng shui practices to attract positive energy and wealth.

Love and Relationships: Jade is associated with love and harmony. It is believed to strengthen relationships, promote harmony in existing ones, and attract new love.

Chakra Alignment: In certain belief systems, jade is associated with the heart chakra, linked to love, compassion, and emotional balance.

KultHaus ❋ May 25th – 29th 2023

Laetitia Mantis | KultHausIII: Ausstellung & Installation

Zum dritten Mal verwandelt sich das Torhaus DΓΆlitz in das KultHaus, ein Ort der Besinnung inmitten des Trubels des Heidnischen Dorfes. Hier vermengen sich Tradition und Moderne zu einer Kunstausstellung und einer kΓΌnstlerischen Interpretation eines heidnischen Tempels. Der Besucher wird eingeladen, die Schwelle zu ΓΌbertreten und das Profane hinter sich zu lassen. Das KultHaus will nicht erklΓ€rt, sondern erfahren werden. Wer ein StΓΌck KultHaus mit nach Hause nehmen mΓΆchte findet hier auch einen kleinen Verkaufsstand. Die Ausstellung ist an allen Tagen geΓΆffnet, lediglich zu Ritualterminen bleibt sie fΓΌr Nichtteilnehmer kurzfristig geschlossen (Termine bitte aus dem Vortrags- und Ritualprogramm entnehmen!).


π•Άπ–šπ–‘π–™π•³π–†π–šπ–˜III – art exhibition & installation – May 25th – 29th 2023 – Torhaus DΓΆlitz, Leipzig

New offerings section

If you are interested in purchasing my work, please check out the new offerings-section of this homepage. All offers are in stock and ready to go.

The gift certificates are back as well, starting at a minimum of 50,- € (the amount can be customized – whatever you wish to spend). Orders can be paid via bank transfer or – if ye really really must – with paypal.

In preparation of the festival battles of the warm season I will look into more inventory and I will add more items as time goes by. During the warm season the studio exhibition will be closed for public visitors, as everything usually on display will stay packed for occasional traveling until late August.

Always feel free to ask for a custom solution, e.g. a different frame, different size, etc. To place an order please write to Laetitia.Mantis[at]

Hexenwerk patches

A new batch of embroidered π•³π–Šπ–π–Šπ–“π–œπ–Šπ–—π– patches arrived at the headquarter last month. They measure about 10 x 3 cm (3.93 x 1.18 inches). You can purchase a patch for 8,-€ /postage costs within Germany will add 1,-€ / international delivery adds 1,70€. To order your patch write to: Laetitia.Mantis[at]